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In the heart of Moab, Utah, a store was born from the love of the desert. It was the year 2020, and Moab was a place of wonder, with its crimson canyons, endless skies, and rugged beauty. In the midst of this enchanting landscape, you find yourself captivated by the desert lifestyle.

At the beginning, Simply Redrock was a modest space. It was a labor of love, and we poured our heart and soul into it. She carefully curated a collection of quality gifts and local goods that told the story of the desert – from handmade crafts to unique jewelry, each item held a piece of the desert's soul.

For a year, Simply Redrock thrived. Visitors and locals alike were drawn to the store, enchanted by the handpicked items that reflected the spirit of Moab. It was a place of warmth and simplicity, just like the desert itself.

But as time passed, we realized that the store had outgrown its name. "Simply Redrock" no longer encapsulated the full range of emotions and experiences that the desert lifestyle boutique offered. It was a name that spoke of simplicity, and while that was an important aspect of her store, there was more to the desert's story than met the eye.

In December of 2022, we embarked on a journey of rebranding our store, a transformation that would better convey what it had become. After much soul-searching and creative brainstorming, we unveiled the new name: "Desert Sol."

Desert Sol was more than a name; it was a promise. It was a promise to offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that would stand out as a delightful and memorable part of everyone's Moab adventure. The rebranded store embodied a feminine, romantic charm, mirroring the fiery sunsets and captivating landscapes of the desert.

The atmosphere at Desert Sol was enchanting and inviting, just like the desert itself. Every item on display reflected the quality, beauty, and simplicity of desert living. It became a beloved destination for both visitors and locals, a place where the desert's magic came alive in every product.

As we stood in the heart of Moab, surrounded by the majestic desert that had inspired it all, she knew that Desert Sol would continue to be a beacon of beauty and quality, capturing the very essence of the desert lifestyle she loved so dearly.

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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $75 away from free shipping.
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